Welcome To Absolute Promos!

Awesome, bespoke merchandise!

Absolute Promos designs and manufactures custom merchandise to your business's needs.

We specialize in helping brands and businesses stand out from the crowd and stay top-of-mind! 

Our Products

How it works

1. Browse and decide on products
Browse through our collection and let us know what you chose
2. Create some awesome designs
Email us any artwork and other details you'd like to have on the product. We'll get to work and send you a few design ideas. Once that's confirmed, we'll get it manufactured
3. Manufacturing time
When the designs have been confirmed, we'll create a sample of the end product. Once you're happy with that, we'll send it to full manufacturing. 
4. Get it shipped
Once the products have been manufactured, we'll do QUALITY CONTROL and ensure the products have been manufactured to standard. After that, we'll ship it directly to your location.